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. dennis stanworth admitting to killing his 90-year-old mother, nellie. >> i can tell you she was found at the defendant's house, as far as circumstances are manner of death autopsy was just this morning so i don't have that reports yet. >> stanworth was not entering a plea but statements can be used against him at trial. the 70-year-old was arrested wednesday, after he called police and told them he killed his mother. detectives arrived at his home, they found nellie stanworth's remains. according to the complaint prosecutors think dennis stanworth killed his mother november 6th of last year. her body found outside on the property stanworth shares with his wife and father-in-law. his wife was in court but declined comment to abc 7 news. >>[ó, and just devastated this area. >> his arrest and that he has been living free for 22 years has been difficult for the families of the two teen-aged girls he was sent to death death row for sexual assaulting and killing in 1966 this, woman is afraid of stanworth. she was raises as a sister as one of the young victim autos are you confident they'll
attorney, dennis herrera who is here and whose office has been fighting for the rights of our community to marry the person they love. (applause) >> so thank you, dennis. i see donna who is another institution in the lgbt community. [cheering and applauding] >> so, in closing, i want to say that the way that i remember george moscone, the way that i remember harvey milk is to simply be true to who i am and to not be afraid to be who i am, even if it means doing and being something that is unpopular at times. thank you. (applause) >> thank you so much, supervisor. i wanted to acknowledge our co-sponsors today, the san francisco -- san francisco. the harvey milk foundation which was started by stuart milk and myself, worked to put this on in partnership with the san francisco harvey milk gay democratic club, gay and lesbian democratic club, the harvey milk civil rights academy and of course the gay men's chorus who are performing here tonight. so, on that note i'm going to turn this over to my dear friend stuart who is harvey's nephew and someone himself who has been speaking out all arou
. see this look. exactly what you will see. >> bill: dennis miller will weigh in on al gore as well as congress being less popular than cockroaches. >> was that your auntee? caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. some political predictions for 2013. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we all know, these are high days for liberal america and we are watching president obama very closely to see if he will be a leader for all americans or just left wing folks? so far the evidence is that mr. obama is moving further to the left. there is no question that some kind of gun control will be embraced by the obama administration. looks like they will will try to ban certain kind of assault weapons. they will want the feds to register firearms much like you have to register your cower car. talking points believes the legislation will have a tough time getting through the house. there is danger for the republicans because most americans do want some reasonable restrictio
in court or wheeled that court i should say. today was the first court persons for dennis charged with killing his elderly mother. of laura witnessed the out burst in court today and has a story you will see only on abc 7 news. >> did say i plead guilty to everything. i admit everythin everything. this is the third one. >>reporter: solana county prosecutor jensen describes what observers heard in court. sobbing double murderer dennis stan worth sitting in a wheelchair admit to go killing his 90-year-old mother nelli. >> i can tell you she was found at the defendant house. as far as the circumstances or manner of death the autopsy was just performed this morning so cov those reports yet. >>reporter: stan worth was not formally entering a plea but statement can be used against him at trial. 70-year-old stan worth was arrested wednesday after he called vallejo police and told them he had killed his mother. when detectives arrived at his home in hidden brook they found nelli remains. according to the criminal complaint prosecutors think dennis killed his mother as early as nov
commuted to life and then he was paroled. dennis is now behind bars and he is facing one other additional count of murder. channel 2 news. >>> an alligator is taking center stage in a bizarre marijuana bust. joining us live with what investigators are saying about this strange case. >> it is a strange case and there has been a lot happening. the man who owns this alligate was booked nine hours after he was orest ared. we are down the street from the oakland zoo because that is where this alligator is, his name is mr. teeth. we want to tell you what we know about him. the 36-year-old man bought the alligator to commemorate the memory of two pock. they found the gator in this home and they had just moved in recently and they had several  dogs including a pitt bull. >> even when we went into the backyard we would carry a bat with us. >> because he were concerned about their dogs? >> yes. >> well, they also didn't expect this, 34 pounds of processed marijuana with an estimated value of $100,000 they were there for a check of his home for his parole. and he was arrested officially at 31 2:00
after he told police he killed his own mother. vallejo police say dennis stanworth showed them where to find the victim's body yesterday. we're expecting more details today on vallejo's first murder of 2013. investigators believe she is the suspect's mother nelly stanworth. according to police, dennis stanworth was sentenced to death for sexually assaulting and killing two teenaged girls in 1966. his sentence was reversed later. >>> in contra costa county, pittsburg police say there's much more to the story about a man who killed a suspected burglar inside his apartment. four people are now in custody accused of what began as an elaborate plot to scare the man. investigators say charmaine was having an extramarital affair and wanted to frighten her husband into moving out of the apartment that they shared on east leeland lane. >> they plotted a burglary with her current boyfriend in an effort to scare him him to leave the residence. >> police say they enlisted three other men to help out. it all unfolded tuesday morning. investigators say the hu
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an argument against giving people a second chance. this man is in jail this morning. dennis stanworth, here's his picture, he is 70 years old and police say that he called them just before noon yesterday to say he had just killed his 89- year-old mother, nelly stanworth, in a home on the 2500 block of marshfield road here in vallejo. dennis has a long and violent criminal history including kidnapping, sexually assaulting and killing two teenaged girls in contra costa county back in the 1960s. he spent decade in prison sentenced to death for that but his sentence was reversed and he was paroled. now, police are going to be talking more about this case later on this morning here in vallejo and we will keep you posted. live in vallejo, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> breaking news in new jersey. these are live pictures from the scene of a bus crash in the city of old bridge, new jersey. according to early reports, two buses smashed into one another on route 9. a school bus and a passenger bus. you see all the chaos down below. the passenger bus
but this woman is a relative of one of 2 bay area girls kidnapped sexually assaulted and murdered by dennis stan worth in 1966. >> he had a gun on them. and he had them strip and cary ran if you tonight come back i'll kill your friend. she came back and he shot her in the head. >> registered him. we are aware of him. >>reporter: on wednesday vallejo police say the 70-year-old man called to say he murdered his mother at his home in the hidden brook golf community. >> we obtained search warrant searched the house thoroughly found evidence of the crime contained within the house. >> she was just a fine lady. very fine. >>reporter: he had been living in the american canyon mobile home park. neighbors say they hadn't seen her for about a month but her son was a regular visitor. >> i have no idea why anybody would want to do that to her no. idea. the let alone her soychbility hi no fear of him. >>reporter: he lives across from where dennis lived for the past decade. were you aware of his past. >> yes, i was aware of the past but i figure he had, he had paid for his mistakes according to the
's. a cooler air mass to stay in place and resolve the dennis, heavy air. that is very trapped close to the surface, so therefore, air quality. 50 degrees tomorrow in sack remen toe. 52 in monte ray bay. after a morning low today of 15 below zero. notice, gradually mile conditions by tuesday. lots of sine, in fact, i'm not looking at any snow the rest of the month unless something drastically changes. still, these numbers are afternooning anywhere between 5 and 9 degrees below normal. now, as you take a look at these day highs in the 50s. we realize a 60 degrees reading on wednesday. we're seeing seasonal conditions on thursday and sunday, but what that 7-day forecast doesn't tell the story of, still some sub freezing temperatures. tuesday, sub freezing temperatures, wednesday about freezing and then we moderate by thursday. so we have several more days to go it's just that tonight overnight is going to be the coldest by far. >> it's going to feel like a big time warmup here in the bay area. we're not the only one suffering from this. the enti
dijo hoy a un juez, que el es culpable. vo --dennis stanworth dijo especificamen te "soy culpable de todo lo que hice" y esta es la tercera vez. --la policia seÑalo que stanworth los llamo el miercoles y confeso que le habia quitado la vida a su madre en su propia casa en vallejo y luego los llevo a su cuerpo. --el hombre tambien confeso en 1966 a los asesinatos de 2 jovencitas de 15 aÑos de edad que pedian aventon en pinole. --en ese entonces el mismo pidio que lo ejecutaran pero salio en 1990 en libertad condicional. stop for open blanca --los medicos forenses de connecticut afirmaron hoy que el cerebro del pistolero de la matanza en newtown, no muestra nada inusual. vo --los investigadore s dieron a conocer los resultados de la autopsia de adam lanza de 20 aÑos de edad quien se suicido despues de matar a 26 personas, incluyendo a 20 niÑos en la primaria "sandy hook" el mes pasado. --los analisis geneticos y de toxicologia todavia se estudian pero no se cree que revelen el motivo del tiroteo. vo --y esta tragedia precisamente lleva a cambios controversial es en ohio por que aho
to keep him quiet. her body was found on the property on wednesday after dennis called police. in the 1960s shlgs he was convicted of kimming two teenagers. a brutal crime involving their abduction, rape and murder. he's been convicted of several other kidnap rapes. prosecute kbrers say prior murder convictions do provide a special circumstance to the current charge that could bring him the death penalty. >> i know his death jents was commute skped was given a life sentence and paroled in 1990. he's been as far as our records can tell has been law abiding citizen since then. >> i just hope they keep him and never let him go. and he just dies in jail he doesn't deserve to be out anywhere. >> they lived in the neighborhood, she was not arrested with her husband. the prosecutors told us the investigation is ongoing. it's unclear at this point what, if anything, she knew about nellie stanworth's murder ot fact the body was on the property. dennis stanworth is due back in court next week. at that time he may enter a plea and statementing made could be used at his trial n fairfield abc 7 news. >
of dennis's home. he lived in the past ten years. this is actually part of the hidden brook golf community in vallejo. this is where police found the body, she was actually 90 years old. that is after her 70-year-old son dennis convicted of double murder and rape back in the 'on 60s. he called police midday yesterday and said he had killed his mother. police responded to the how long on marshfield and found her remains on the property. he was paroled from soledad in 1990 he was sentenced to death for the murder of two pinole girls in 1966 but that was overturned in the 1970s. vallejo police knew he was in the knuichbt because he was required to check in with them as a sex parolee. >> he was cooperative with the officers he spoke with initially talking with communication supervisor. it took a lot for her to get it out of her. >> i'm shocked, but i'm not. it really took me back. i had trouble getting my breath. i knew something was going to happen. he such an evil person. i knew it. >> reporter: now, that was a family member of one of the girls that was killed in 1966. that woman did not wan
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-year-old dennis stanworth is charged with killing his mother at his home on wednesday. if found guilty, stanworth could face a death penalty for a second time. he was convicted and sent to death row for killing two teenagers back in the 1960s. but he was paroled after his sentence was commuted to life. >>> and the damaged oil tanker that bumped into the bay bridge this week is back at sea. the overseas reymar shipped out this morning for an undisclosed location where it will be repaired. it's been anchored east of alcatraz this week while investigators collected evidence and interviews about monday's brush with one of bridge towers. >>> "mission: impossible." not the tv show or the movie but what lies in front of people looking to rent a place in san francisco. and as cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez shows us, the skyrocketing rent prices are not just in the city. joe? >> reporter: yeah, ken. you know, it's a simple law of economics. you have a lot of techies moving in so there's a high demand for the housing here. and the supply of housing is lim
elected officials, city attorney dennis guerrera, city treasurer, public defender, sheriff. we have a number of former members of this body who are here. i want to take a moment to welcome back of the chamber former board of supervisors conroy, silver, i know i saw mable tang here [sounds like] and former supervisor chris daly i believe is out in the hallway and understand that we have been joined by a member of our board of education, -- mendoza. with that, mr. mayor, would like to join us? (applause) >> i would like to give our mayor the opportunity to say a few words on today's occasion. >> thank you everybody. happy new year! i wanted to be here the congratulate the supervisors who have been reelected, as well as the new elected supervisors and to welcome those families and friends who have come along way i'm sure, whether working with the newly elected, or alongside all of us for many years. i want to acknowledge the public officials that have been identified in the commissioners and department heads, for being here today. a sincere congratulations to board president
's last game as a raven. third quarter, 10-6, baltimore, shows flacco and dennis hit a 20-yard td. fourth quarter, birds up 8. flacco lost one to anquan boldin, take a look at that catch. right before that td. five catches for 145 yards for bolden and there's ray lewis getting his groove on. one more dance for him in front of his home crowd. ravens win 24-9. what about the nfc wild card, redskins hope for the seahawks. fourth quarter, oakland's own marshawn lynch takes the handsoff, and he's going 27 yards with a touchdown. seahawks take the lead for good. lynch 131 yards rushing. but after the game, a little something extra. former stanford cardinal richard sherman gets shoved in the face. and the seahawks get the last laugh. seattle wins 24-14. it's been a very busy game. also, in this game, robert griffin, iii was injured late. it won't matter since obviously the redskins lost this game. >>> but as we mentioned, chris, much more coming up in sports in our 6:00 hour, busy day for sports. once again, good to have hockey back. >> yes. >>> and we return -- when we return, what used to be a
if we would have a response by 11:00 p.m. >> dennis who? >> not you again ,, to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit the3day.org to register or to request more information
. 7-year-old dennis stan wick called 911 yesterday. officers went to his home on mash marsh field road. he was patrolled in 1990. an until of 1 of the murder victims questions that decision. >> i worry about our system letting him out again. i really do. but, i have a gun and i know how to use it. >> he is a registered sex offender who admitted raping others. he is expectd if court tomorrow or monday. >>> continuing coverage for the california budget was unveiled today. the governor said his budget will avoid the boom and bust mentality. it was reduce the deficit, pay down debl and keep spending with in our -- debt and keep spending within our means. >> i will say no because california is saying yes in a very progressive way on many different levels. >>> budget anticipates an $851 million surplus, even though a nearly $2 billion deficit is expected. >> the governor proposes a $2.7 billion increase in money for schools with an emphasis on low income districts. >> growing up in comp to compton or richmond is not growing up like la. >> being able to kind of level the playing field, it wil
to dennis and 17-6 baltimore. flaco got man coverage, 24-9. just over five minutes left. fourth and 1, luck, ball is tipped by graham, williams the pick but that seals it. ravens advance to play denver next saturday. >> it was about giving me everything i got. under these circumstances you may be going to just push through it. if you can push through it. >> and redskins, something had to give. griffin hobbling on that knee. 14-0 washington then seattle. marshawn lynch, 27 yards, 131 on the game. 2-point conversion made it 21-14. and his complete catches the turf. he would have to lead the game and kurt cousens and ron johnson lights him up on 0. biggest come back. battle of the birds, hawks and falcons in atlanta. they asked if made the decision would he have finished the game. >> i would have been right back out there on the field. you respect authority. i respect the coach, but at the same time you have to be a man sometimes. there was no way i was coming out of that game. >> on the eve of the bcs, notre dame and alabama, both coaches posing with the trophy. >> there is a lot of players o
a judge today that he wants to plead guilty to that crime. 70-year-old dennis stanworth is accuse of killing danny stanworth. he was initially sent to prison for killing two teen girls. stanworth was released on parol in 1990. an official plea has not been made. he is expected to be arraigned next friday. >>> oakland police say they looked for seven wanted people today. they ran seven warrants. the people detained today had been warned if they didn't straighten up they would be arrested. >> we are going to use every effort, every legal means to bring you to justice and to end the violence. >> officers say they also confiscated several weapons including semi automatic weapons. >>> family of two oikos mass shooting victims filed lawsuits today. the families are seeking unspecified damages. this is the first litigation since that deadly shooting last april in which seven people were killed. >>> temperatures are dropping off rapidly this evening. for the second night in a row we have a freeze warning to tell you about. here is a look at the current numbers. if you can't see already fo
dennis stanworth admitted to killing nellie turner stan worth in their home this woke. he is a convicted killer convicted of that. but his sentence was changed when they did away with that. he was released on parole in 1990. >>> police in free monte in fremont say that was the first homicide of the year, they found it there then. two hours later a 27-year-old man showed up at the police station and turned himself in. investigators say he also handed over the gun used in the killing. both the victim and the suspect live at the home and they were related. they have yet to release a motive. >>> police say they are searching for at least two men who held 14 people hostage during a robbery at a clothing store. police say robbers stabbed an employee and sexually assaulted another during the four hour long hostage stand off at a nordstrum rack, they entered then and held them at gunpoint. hours later a swat team stormed into the store and discovered they had fled. the frightened hostages were found huddled together. >> the majority were in one location, a storage room in one of the -- one part
took the man to the solano county jail. he identified as a 70 year- old dennis stand worth. >> led officers to home of the 2500 block of marshfield road or the body of an elderly woman was found inside. he is a former death row inmates. he was found guilty in 1966 of kidnapping. and assaulting and killing two teenage girls and contra costa county. >> was sentenced to death but later his sentence was perversely was given a life sentence, instead. he was embroiled in registered with the vallejo police as a sex offender. >> in national knows, the national rifle association heads to washington today to meet with vice president joe biden and his gun violence task force. >> is the latest round of meetings at the white house push for more gun-control. >> we are compiling all the information with the help of the attorney general in all the rest of the cabinet members. as well as legislative action will be required. >> with the gun debate heating up gun and ammunition sales are heating up. many gun enthusiast are stacking up on weapons and ammunition before they could be outlawed. >> there
on substitute teacher issues. i have dennis kelly. bart lancelotti. >> good evening members of the board of education. congratulations new vice president fewer. don't mean to interrupt you while you are eating. and of course president norton, i believe president of the school board is the highest that anyone norton has risen since joshua crowned himself emperor. >> there is hope for me yet. >> we are talking about substitutes and like san francisco the sub -- substitutes are part of the union. they keep the classes going when teachers cannot be present. substitutes are the vice presidents for every teacher ready to step in and carry on if an emergency occurs. substitutes are the relief pitcher in the baseball of education. substitutes are the understudies to the teachers that star on stage. in california there are several categories of substitutes. we will talk about core substitutes and return to other substitute issues at future meetings. thank you very much. [applause] >> good evening, i am irvin. i am one of 15 core substitute teachers. we work at schools often covering the most diff
at 530 -- street and by josh snider and dennis steward regard ago protesting thishance of august 20th 2012 to brandon fox to the permit to demolish a building of single residence with one thousand 30 feed feet of ground floor area and protesting thishance of august 20th to a building four story two unit building with 4,015 feet of ground floor area these matters were heard on october 17th 2012 and allowed the commissioner to participate in the if i am vote however two things have changed since the board continued these matters for the reason country is that we have commissioner honda joining us and two is that we have the party have engaged on some discussions to try to narrow the issues of dispute and so with the president's consent we can giveth each party a few minutes to address the board. i think we could start perhaps it's best to start with the permit holder in this case since they have alternate plans to propose. >>> that would be good. >> so three minute? >> three minutes precise. >>> commissioners a little blag jay for the permit holder and is we did have a meetings
. keep that in mind. >> appreciate the heads-up. >>> dennis is here. couple football games going on, huh? >> oh, yeah, matter of fact, there are one or two going on right now. there was actually something else going on besides football and the ravens and broncos played in an instant playoff classic. we're next. . >>> well, the early game seen here on cbs 5 was really good disclaim. >> it went on and on like the energizer bunny. in fact, went so long our fifth quarter post game show was pre- empted. it was great. two hall of famers on both sides of the ball. peyton manning hoping to lead denver to a win. manning trying to stay warm in denver. not a low-scoring game like many expected. 21-21 at half time. fans who took a bathroom break did not even have a chance to settle into their seats, when trindon holliday returned his second special teams touchdown of the game, this for 104 yards and the broncos back up on top by 7. fast forward to the fourth. ravens down by 7. 3rd down, flacco, bomb's away for jacoby jones behind the quarterback, and the
differently. [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? the chill of peppermint. the rich dark chocolate. york peppermint pattie get the sensation. ♪ >> jennifer: and now to some really interesting stories that caught my eye. these progressive nuggets that we didn't want you to miss. first off, aig, which is of course the taxpayer bailed out insurance giant has decided not to join a lawsuit against the federal government after all. the suit itself in which the former manager said investors weren't properly paid during the bailout, but they have decided not to join that lawsuit. good. and donald berwick is the guy who's domination republicans blocked two years ago. he was set to oversee medicare and medicaid services. donald berwick told the "boston globe" that he is considering running for governor of massachusetts. and there is a lot to like about donald berwick like his thoughtful stance on health care. here is what he told u
for looking for a new chief of staff. everybody reports there are two candidates to be chief of staff. dennis mcdonna who is the deputy national security adviser. good guy. good friend of ours or the chief of staff to joe biden at one time. both are white males. nancy who is the deputy -- now the deputy chief staff under jack lew nobody has talked about whether or not she might step up to be chief of staff. so the problem gets a little more serious. look, diversity is important. certainly celebrate it. with barack obama. pardon me. maybe we expect to see more of it from barack obama. or are people just getting him too hard a time and should his goal be to get the number one best qualified position on the job whether it is a man or a woman or a person of color? 1-866-55-press. let's get into it right here, friday morning, on the "full court press." >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for
mother. investigators say that on wednesday - 70-year-old dennis stanworth called 911 claiming to have killed his mothernellie stanworth police arrived at his home on marshfield road. and found the woman's body - and arrested her son.it's not clear yet exactly when the woman died. but two of her friends say dennis told them she died weeks ago >> he was going in his house and i just yelled and i said howl is nellie? because i thought that she was okay. and i yelled how is millie and he said that she passed away last week. and she had a military burial that is all that he said. and that makes me sick. my wife cannot get over it is very upset. we both are, really. she was really nice to us. we had good relationships with her shores really nice, the nicest lady i've known for a long time. she was in perfect health there was nothing wrong she could of little least five, six years another issue kenaf. i wished she would. i wish-- she could have -- and i have no idea why anybody would want to do that let alone"let alone her son" >> catherine: stanworth's criminal history includes rape and mur
... [ voice of dennis ] ...safe driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? cnbc market wrap. a winner quarterly report from alcoa helped the dow today. aig announced it will not join a lawsuit against the government over the terms of the financial crisis bailout. the insurance giant says it thanks america for its support. >>> and facebook shares hit $30 for the first time in months. and that's it for cnbc. we are first in business worldwide. now back to chris and "hardball." ♪ >>> welcome back to "hardball." up, up, up. chris christie's stock is rising in jersey after befriending the president and taking on his own party in hurricane sandy relief money. take a look at these numbers. you don't see these in politics much. a 73% approval rating among new jersey voters. 73%. even higher approval among independents. and 62% among democrats. when you look at traditional democratic voting blocks, christie's at 70% approval among women. 69% among non-white voters. 62% in homes with a public employee.
championship. why did his girlfriend get all the glory? i'm dennis o'donnell. and mike singletary could be back as a head coach. find out where coming up. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. this cell phone video shows just minutes after the couple said "i do" aboard a h >>> well, a bumpy start to married life for two newlyweds in san diego. this cell phone video shown minutes after the couple said i do aboard a hot air balloon. a gust of wind took it and the 14 people on board for one wild ride before finally crash- landing
. dennis stanworth, 70 years old. police say that he called them just before noon yesterday to say he had just killed his 89- year-old mother nelly stanworth in a home on the 2500 block of marshfield road in vallejo. dennis has a long and violent criminal history including kidnapping, sexually assaulting and killing two teenaged girls in contra costa county back in the '60s. he was sentenced to death for that. but his sentence was reversed. and he was freed. again, police say he just admitted to killing his mother. police will tell us more about this crim later on this morning and we'll keep you posted. live in vallejo, anne makovec, cbs 5. >>> all right, anne, thank you. >>> in contra costa county, there's much more to the story after a man killed a suspected burglar in his apartment. four people are now in custody accused of what pittsburg police say began as a plot and ended in homicide. investigators say charmaine taijeron set it up to frighten her husband out of their apartment. police say taijeron and her boyfriend enlisted three other men to h
pinpoint forecast, but first, dennis bobblehead! >> thank you very much. it is stephen curry bobble night, roberta. i'm glad you brought it up. not all the writers voted against barry bonds. you're going to hear from two who voted for him to go into the hall of fame and the one 49er they cannot do without. he is injured. how will it affect his play? we'll tell you coming up. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. the stage as peter pan. and both changed the life of this y >>> one man is famous as "phantom of the opera" th
-6 ravens. joe flacco rolls right. finds dennis pitta. ravens up. flacco lobs one to anquan boldin. go for it, be big fellow. wrestles it out and makes the catch. it was all over. i'm going to get my groove on for the fans another time before he gets out of there. if you don't recall, he will retire at the end of the season. 24-9 is your final. >>> nfc wild card redskins hosting the seahawks. fourth quarter, 14-13, redskins at that point. oakland's own marshawn lynch went beast mode on everyone. takes the handoff and goes 27 yards with a td. lynch 132 yards rushing. but after the game, a little something extra. former stanford cardinal richard sherman gets in the face. but sherman and the seahawks get the last laugh, 24-14. >>> all right. first round of the play-offs is history. four teams are headed home, and four have advanced to the second round. aaron rodgers and the packers will have to pack their bags and make a trip to face the 49ers at candlestick saturday. 49ers beat the pack in the regular season opener. rogers clad to be back in california. that's going to be a real good gam
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